Haena Stella KIM
Haena Stella KIM is a literature translator. She’s also translation editor for The Dissolve. Reach her at haena@thedissolve.kr.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  10 MIN READ
Park Jie-won. Lee Sang-min. Jang Kyung-tae. Kim Yeungshik. Jo Eun-hui. Lee Jun-seok.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  9 MIN READ
Office of the President. Yoon Suk Yeol. Press Pool for the Office of the President. MBC Broadcasting Journalist Association.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  7 MIN READ
Yoon Suk Yeol. Park Hee Young. Han Duck-soo. Jeong Mi-kyung.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  11 MIN READ
Also: Democratic Party under pressure from hard-line supporters.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  12 MIN READ
Protests and rallies held at Moon Jae-in’s home as well as new presidential office of Yoon Suk Yeol
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  18 MIN READ
Also: Cho Guk’s daughter’s university admissions revoked.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  25 MIN READ
Also: Disability rights activists hold protests at subway stations