What They Said
Public sector jobs, private sector jobs, and “I oppose it”.
Plus Moon’s and Hong’s plans to monitor the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. And pushback on Ahn’s pledges for political reform.
by Subin KIM  ·  9 MIN READ
President Park has rarely spoken to journalists. So her choice of outlet and talking points in this her possibly final interview was a national surprise, to say the least. Subin Kim, a news editor at Huffington Post Korea, unpacks on strategy and alternative facts.
Also: Democratic Party under pressure from hard-line supporters.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  18 MIN READ
Also: Cho Guk’s daughter’s university admissions revoked.
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  25 MIN READ
Also: Disability rights activists hold protests at subway stations
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  12 MIN READ
And Lee Jun-seok causes a stir with his remarks
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  17 MIN READ
Also: Professor Cho Dongyoun’s lawyer responds to allegations about her private life
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  15 MIN READ
Also: Feminism row erupts after news reports of domestic violence incident
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  17 MIN READ
And Ahn Cheol-soo announces presidential bid