by Haena Stella KIM  ·  12 MIN READ
Also: Public apologies and resignation following Gwangju building collapse
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  12 MIN READ
And President Moon criticized for allegedly not paying special envoys BTS
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  13 MIN READ
And Steve Yoo continues his bid to overturn Korea entry ban
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  14 MIN READ
Also: Sex education book project causes controversy
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  9 MIN READ
Also: Squid Game makes it to parliament, and Lee Nak-yon concedes presidential primary for Democratic Party
by KIM Chang-hoon from Pressian  ·  21 MIN READ
“Korea is a society in which nationalism is going extinct—its embers lighting up only during football games. Minjok persists as a sentiment but as an ideology it is fast disappearing.”
by YANG Yeong-seok from Inven  ·  9 MIN READ
Video game streaming and an unintended consequence.