by Haena Stella KIM  ·  13 MIN READ
And Steve Yoo continues his bid to overturn Korea entry ban
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  14 MIN READ
Also: Sex education book project causes controversy
by Haena Stella KIM  ·  9 MIN READ
Also: Squid Game makes it to parliament, and Lee Nak-yon concedes presidential primary for Democratic Party
by YANG Yeong-seok from Inven  ·  9 MIN READ
Video game streaming and an unintended consequence.
by Gorani from Nongaek  ·  7 MIN READ
“Our generation is used to the older generation criticizing us for our lack of patience because we were raised with warm food on the table and clothes on our backs. But that doesn’t mean that we only sit and take their criticism.”
by Chang Sun PARK from Aftermoment  ·  17 MIN READ