by KEUM Jun-kyung from Media Today  ·  9 MIN READ
The former head of KBS America on deciding between remakes and dubbing.
by KOO Hee Eon  ·  13 MIN READ
Time travel is fast becoming a staple element of Korean historical dramas. But sci-fi this is not. Our writer, from the Dong-A Ilbo, examines a case in point: Saimdang: Light’s Diary.
by KOO Hee Eon  ·  18 MIN READ
Kim Eunsook is one of Korea’s most influential television screenwriters. Her early hits include Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris, which was watched by over half of the nation. And her latest—Descendants of the Sun and Goblin—were popular internationally too. Here, Koo Hee Eon from the Dong-A Ilbo traces the evolution of a key factor: Kim’s female leads.