R.H. Lee
R.H. Lee is a Korean American living in Seoul, interested in education, global development, religion, and traveling. She has a doctorate in Global Education Cooperation and is a contributing editor at The Dissolve. rebekah@thedissolve.kr.
by R.H. Lee  ·  20 MIN READ
The situation in South Korea as of October 30.
by R.H. Lee  ·  14 MIN READ
A review of Wrapping the Bandage (2020) by Yoon Yi-hyung.
by R.H. Lee  ·  30 MIN READ
The situation in South Korea as of September 28.
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by R.H. Lee  ·  43 MIN READ
by GU Gwun-hyo from NewsNJoy  ·  22 MIN READ
Six reformists weigh in on the state of Korean Protestantism, Buddhism and Catholicism.
by Anonymous  ·  13 MIN READ
It’s difficult to exaggerate the significance of television media in South Korean society, or the strains on the freedom of its press.

In 2012, three major networks went on strike including one of the largest, MBC. The issues that spurred its 170 day walkout have yet to be resolved.

Here’s an inside perspective, from an anonymous MBC employee.
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In his sixth book, Oh YoungWook uses his love of travel and illustration to take a fresh look at life. He talks with us about his motivations and creative process, and shares some excerpts.
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Since October 2016, an estimated 16 million participants have marched for the president’s impeachment. Here’s a reflection from one of our contributors.