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196cm tall, versatile, and humorous, he’s a Gyeongnam fan favorite. Will he stay?
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First-team football. Finally.
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Korea’s next World Cup qualifier is this Thursday.

One thorn in their side: China’s new foreign player quota.
PC bang sowed the seeds; professional game teams created the culture; developers and broadcasters laid the groundwork.”

Korea’s eSport industry and its global reach.
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The Video Assistant Referee system promises to minimize human error and perhaps even angry shouting matches.
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A subtropical climate, tangerine orchards, a shield volcano, and beautiful beaches. Such is the neighborhood of Jeju United, the current leaders of the K League Classic. Their only problem: attracting fans.
Lee Seung-woo signed for Barcelona at age 12. FIFA regulations have held him back, but next month’s U-20 World Cup in Korea is a chance to realize his potential. Kicking off a regular column, a Korean football writer delves into Lee’s popularity and what could be.