by GU Gwun-hyo from NewsNJoy
Six reformists weigh in on the state of Korean Protestantism, Buddhism and Catholicism.
by JEON Byung-geun from Book Club Origin
“I think nowhere are the promises and dangers of twenty-first-century technology clearer than in the Korean peninsula.”
by Anonymous
It’s difficult to exaggerate the significance of television media in South Korean society, or the strains on the freedom of its press.

In 2012, three major networks went on strike including one of the largest, MBC. The issues that spurred its 170 day walkout have yet to be resolved.

Here’s an inside perspective, from an anonymous MBC employee.
by JEON Byung-geun from Chosun Biz
A speechwriter for presidents Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun looks back on life in the Blue House. Also: the speeches of Park Geun-hye, his writing process, West Wing, and Korean Air’s handling of that “nut rage” incident.
by KOO Hee Eon
Some Korean restaurants fall short of their matjib claims. Here’s some strategy for your online hunt.
The potential of Korean web comics for television and cinema is fast being realized. But there are teething problems.
by Subin KIM
Our second excerpt from “Private Life of a Nation”, a novel by Lee Eung-jun.
by YANG Heesong
The latest census findings were published in December. Protestantism has, for the first time, become the biggest religion, with Buddhism and Catholicism in (seemingly) rapid decline. The director of a Christian think tank looks at the numbers, and the design of questions.
by HBC Squirtle
One day I got a free gift from “Substitute Housewife”, a housekeeping service . The gift was a cleaning towel with this blunt message: “A substitute housewife is much cheaper than divorce”.
by KIM Jungyong
A subtropical climate, tangerine orchards, a shield volcano, and beautiful beaches. Such is the neighborhood of Jeju United, the current leaders of the K League Classic. Their only problem: attracting fans.
The ongoing consequences of ineffective sex education in Korean schools.
An outdoor installation art piece—funded by the government—is causing a brouhaha.
by JEON Byung-geun from Chosun Biz
From IU to Yim Jae-beom, Brown Eyed Girls to Choi Baek-ho… Kim Eana’s impact on K-pop lyrics of recent years is hard to overstate. She shares here on her origins, the music industry, and the way to a good line.
by Subin KIM
Labor, chaebol, taxes and welfare. A spectrum of visions.
Also: Labor unions and the US–Korea FTA.
Public sector jobs, private sector jobs, and “I oppose it”.
Plus Moon’s and Hong’s plans to monitor the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. And pushback on Ahn’s pledges for political reform.