by LEE Jung-hee from Mediaus  ·  10 MIN READ
A little princess in search of housing.
by JEON Byung-geun from Book Club Origin  ·  43 MIN READ
In a rare interview with a Korean journalist, Taiwan’s Tang Nuo opens up decades of reading. ‘Reader agitation’, marriage to Chu T’ien-hsin, and musings on where societies are headed.
by JEON Byung-geun from Book Club Origin  ·  30 MIN READ
A look at the life of Kim Sou-hwan, the iconic archbishop of Seoul.
by LEE Arom  ·  14 MIN READ
Putting protest to song.
by LEE Seon-phil from OhmyStar  ·  8 MIN READ
The Netflix controversies roll on from the Cannes Film Festival, but with a different slant.
by Subin KIM  ·  14 MIN READ
Our second excerpt from “Private Life of a Nation”, a novel by Lee Eung-jun.
The musicals and plays to watch in Korea this spring.
What kind of shows do best on the Korean stage, and why? We look through through recent ticket sales and trends.
The potential of Korean web comics for television and cinema is fast being realized. But there are teething problems.
by JEON Byung-geun from Chosun Biz  ·  50 MIN READ
From IU to Yim Jae-beom, Brown Eyed Girls to Choi Baek-ho… Kim Eana’s impact on K-pop lyrics of recent years is hard to overstate. She shares here on her origins, the music industry, and the way to a good line.
by KOO Hee Eon  ·  13 MIN READ
Time travel is fast becoming a staple element of Korean historical dramas. But sci-fi this is not. Our writer, from the Dong-A Ilbo, examines a case in point: Saimdang: Light’s Diary.
by R.H. Lee  ·  16 MIN READ
In his sixth book, Oh YoungWook uses his love of travel and illustration to take a fresh look at life. He talks with us about his motivations and creative process, and shares some excerpts.
by KOO Hee Eon  ·  18 MIN READ
Kim Eunsook is one of Korea’s most influential television screenwriters. Her early hits include Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris, which was watched by over half of the nation. And her latest—Descendants of the Sun and Goblin—were popular internationally too. Here, Koo Hee Eon from the Dong-A Ilbo traces the evolution of a key factor: Kim’s female leads.