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Also: Sex education book project causes controversy
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A review of Wrapping the Bandage (2020) by Yoon Yi-hyung.
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The situation in South Korea as of September 28.
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And is the pandemic making people “Corona-angry”?
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Also: Ryu Hojeong explains her red dress; Korea Meteorological Administration under fire for inaccurate forecasts
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by R.H. Lee  ·  43 MIN READ
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by JEON Hong Gi-hye, LEE Myeong-sun from Pressian  ·  26 MIN READ
An interview with culture critic and sociologist Choi Tae-seop on his recent book, Korean, Men: A Social History of Difficulties, from Gwinam to Gunmusae.
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Surveys of laid-off SsangYong workers and their spouses.