by KEUM Jun-kyung from Media Today  ·  8 MIN READ
Druking? The bigger problem is the ongoing possibility of opinion manipulation.
by KIM Philip  ·  14 MIN READ
In response to a piece in The Atlantic, a Korean former journalist delves deep on the mechanics of the industry, the role of AI, and the unique challenge of ‘news abuse’.
by KIM Jungyong  ·  5 MIN READ
196cm tall, versatile, and humorous, he’s a Gyeongnam fan favorite. Will he stay?
by KIM Jungyong  ·  4 MIN READ
First-team football. Finally.
by KIM Jungyong  ·  10 MIN READ
Korea’s next World Cup qualifier is this Thursday.

One thorn in their side: China’s new foreign player quota.
PC bang sowed the seeds; professional game teams created the culture; developers and broadcasters laid the groundwork.”

Korea’s eSport industry and its global reach.
by KIM Haeyoon  ·  14 MIN READ
Covering THAAD, North Korea, US-Korea summit and G20.
by KIM Jungyong  ·  8 MIN READ
The Video Assistant Referee system promises to minimize human error and perhaps even angry shouting matches.
by KIM Jungyong  ·  13 MIN READ
A subtropical climate, tangerine orchards, a shield volcano, and beautiful beaches. Such is the neighborhood of Jeju United, the current leaders of the K League Classic. Their only problem: attracting fans.
Lee Seung-woo signed for Barcelona at age 12. FIFA regulations have held him back, but next month’s U-20 World Cup in Korea is a chance to realize his potential. Kicking off a regular column, a Korean football writer delves into Lee’s popularity and what could be.
by YANG Heesong  ·  6 MIN READ
The latest census findings were published in December. Protestantism has, for the first time, become the biggest religion, with Buddhism and Catholicism in (seemingly) rapid decline. The director of a Christian think tank looks at the numbers, and the design of questions.
Moon Jae-in is the clear frontrunner in the upcoming election. But national security has never been his strong suit. Subin Kim from Huffington Post Korea explains.
by Subin KIM  ·  2 MIN READ
Three hundred meters. From Seoul Square to Gwanghwamun Square. The psychological distance between the two, however, is far wider than the physical.